A Perfect Filming Location

The Razzett tal-Qasam farmstead has been used for the shooting of various productions. Perhaps the most famous production was part of the series Game of Thrones.  A film set was set up at the Razzett tal-Qasam for the shooting of various scenes, from a temple to a ravaged medieval village.  In 2013 the Maltese director Malti Mario Philip Azzopardi shot parts of the film Saul, Journey to Damascus,  a Canadian production about the conversion of St Paul.  The most dramatic scene of the film, Saul’s conversion on his way to Damascus, was shot at the Razzett.

The Razzett tal-Qasam offers a quiet rural setting, with indigenous Mediterranean trees, open spaces that permit the construction of film sets, as well as beautiful scenery of Għajn Tuffieħa valley.

Producers who would like to use the Razzett tal-Qasam for the shooting of films would be asked to sign a contract that would bind them to return the place to its original state.  Fees vary according to length of shooting and the size of the film set.  There are different payment rates for preparation days and filming days.

Producers who use the Razzett tal-Qasam for the shooting of films would be helping a community project that includes educational programmes for schools, rural tourism, the rearing of animals and restoration of old buildings.